20120611_Smith-21 East Coast prep meets West Coast casual. Southern formality courts Midwest accessibility. Homegrown comfort matches cosmopolitan flair. Sophistication welcomes whimsy.

Raised in ten different homes across most regions of the United States, Courtney is as comfortable in a walkup apartment as she is in a Georgian colonial. Madison, LA, Chicago, Dallas, London, DC, Sydney, NYC and San Francisco have all been home at one time or another and inspire her work. And decades of watching her mother transform the family’s houses into unique but familiar homes explains Courtney’s vibrant and fearless approach to design.

Courtney studied finance and international business at Georgetown University and spent twelve years working on Wall Street before turning her lifelong passion for transforming spaces into serious business. The impromptu sale of her fully furnished New York City apartment inspired Courtney to launch her design studio in 2009. Clients across the country have fueled her passion ever since.